Pet Urine

Carpet Pet Urine Treatment

Do you have pets in your house? How many times have they stained your carpet? As soon as your beloved pets urinate your carpet, you must avail a professional carpet pet urine treatment so that your carpet can be disinfected and your hellish is not exposed to risks of any sort. Other than this, your carpet can damage and give off a bad odor.
Carpet pet urine treatment procedures are different from other stain removal and carpet cleaning methods. It is not just the carpet fiber that has to be treated, but all four layers have to be treated. These include the fiber, padding, backing and the sub-floor. Pet urine penetrates through all of these, and if any of these layers is excluded from treatment, there is no guarantee that your carpet will become disinfected or the smell will go away.


Before any carpet pet urine treatment is applied, the carpet has to be thoroughly inspected for pet stains and the extent to which they have affected the carpet. Accordingly, a suitable process is selected to deal with the problem.

Basic Treatment

The basic treatment is effective only for mild cases and limited pet stains. The process is simple and is not as expensive as other pet stain treatments. After all the spots have been identified, a pet urine solution is used to break down the urine in the carpet into small particles and detach it from the caper fibers. A general cleaning procedure is then used to remove the stains.
In the process, the carpet is also treated with an anti-microbial agents so that all bacteria is killed.

Complete Treatment

This method is more effective than the basic carpet pet urine treatment. The carpet is removed along with the padding and tack strip. The sub-flooring is treated with a microbial agent to kill bacteria. A new set of tack strip and pads are then installed. After this, the backing of the carpet is exposed to a pet stain removal solution and then the carpet itself.
The complete treatment service thoroughly removes the pest stains and eliminates the smell.