Drapery Cleaning

Drapery cleaning Brooklyn – pickup or onsite

When was the last time you got your draperies cleaned? We recommend that you should get this done once in every two years. According to a survey, the average consumer believes that draperies should be cleaned only when they look dirty even if this is after a number of years. We advise against this because unclean draperies can cause you to become allergic due to the accumulate dirt, and expose you to other health risks. So avail a reputed drapery cleaning service today, and you sure will not be disappointed from the results.

Why should you get your draperies cleaned?

Not cleaning your draperies can lower their quality and damage the material. Your heating system, smoking and a number of other factors prevent soil form showing in your draperies. Your draperies may not appear dirty, but they still accumulate dust and with time, this causes the material to wear off. So many people think this is because of sunlight, but that is not the only factor in play.
If you regularly avail a drapery cleaning service, you can increase the lifetime of your draperies.


Draperies are made to different materials. Since all of these are characterized by different properties and features, we have to mode our drapery cleaning procedures so that the material is not damaged.
Silk is a delicate material, and requires special cleaning agents. While being cleaned, the draperies have to be handled with care so that the fabric is not damaged in anyway.
Cotton is durable and requires little maintenance efforts. However, while being washed, it is prone to shrinkage, which is why care is required. Generally, cotton draperies are treated with dry cleaning.
Polyester is durable and friendly to the environment. Simple cleaning procedures can be used, and not much care is required.
Like cotton, linen is also prone to wrinkling and shrinkage. In most cases, it will be dry-cleaned.


In most instances, we will first vacuum your drapes and then treat them with an HEPA filter machine. This removes all particles effectively. After that, an appropriate cleaning method is sued, and if required, an anti-bacterial solution is applied.