Couch Cleaning

Couch Cleaning Brooklyn NY

Furniture are an important design element in your house that add more beauty to any room. Plus, they are among your biggest investments. It does make sense to preserve them and always keep them looking attractive. A professional couch cleaning will help you with this.
We are a reputed company offering couch cleaning in the area. With a skilled team, we can make your couch look as good as new again.

Cleaning Process

Our cleaning process begins with an inspection and analysis. We first study the material of your couch, determine problematic areas, identify stains, and accordingly, select a suitable cleaning method. Whichever technique we choose, we make use of safe and powerful cleaning agents to treat the stains. We apply our special solutions to the fabric of your couch, which loosens up the dirt embedded in the material. After this, we through rinse the fabric and ensure that both dirt and the residues of the cleaning solution have been removed.
We assure you that none of our processes will cause damage to the fiber. After we are done, there will be no dirt, dust or stains left on your couch.


Protection is a part of our couch cleaning process. We spray your furniture with suitable products that coat your fibers and create a barrier around them. This makes the couch resistant to stains and general wear and tear. Thus, your furniture is protected and its lifetime is extended. Maintenance also becomes easily and you do not have to put in a lot of efforts to get it done.
We recommend that you should get a protector applied once in very few years. This is because, it can wear off with time, and should this happen your couch will be prone to stains again.


If you want us to, we will deodorize your couch after we have treated it with our couch cleaning process. We apply products that digest the substances causing the smell and make your furniture smell fresh and pleasant again.
If your couch has pet stains, you should definitely ask us to deodorize your couch.