Area Rugs

Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

Area rugs are not only meant for covering and protecting your floor. They also increase your comfort levels and add style to the room. An area rug looks beautiful only if it is well maintained. This will only be if you regularly get it treated with a professional area rug cleaning service.


There are many techniques for area rug cleaning, depending on the material you opt for.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are resistant to stains and great for high traffic areas. But they can soak up water, which is why they must only be dry-cleaned or cleaned with minimum amounts of water.

Silk Rugs

Silk is one of the most valuable materials for an area rug. With its soft and luxurious feel, silk offers a resistant to general wear and tear. Like wool, silk is also sensitive to dampness and cannot be effectively treated with water based cleaning techniques.


Cotton is durable, but attracts a lot of dirt in just a short time. Before cleaning, this dirt has to brushed and vacuumed thoroughly. If it has accumulated in huge numbers, a cleaning solution may also have to be utilized to break away the particles and detach it from the carpet fibers.


Bamboo is a durable material that can bear excessive wear and tear for several years. However, it requires high maintenance efforts and is not so easy to clean. Generally, advanced area rug cleaning procedures have to be utilized.

Cleaning Techniques

Our area rug cleaning process comprises of a number of techniques. Here is a quick review of the ones, which we utilize the most.
Area rugs are vacuumed with modern equipment so that dirt and dust is effectively removed. The devices we use aerie more powerful than the general vacuum cleaners in your house, and so are more effective.
We wash are rugs only if we are certain the material will not be damaged. Depending on this, we may either hand wash or machine wash your rug. Both processes will not weaken the fibers or fade the color.
In this technique, dry agents are used for cleaning your rugs. Water is either not used or done so in minute quantities.