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How long have you had that piece of carpet in the room? If it has been lying there for a couple of years, it must have become dirty and stained. Want to make it look new again? A proper wall to wall carpet cleaning service will achieve this and provide you with noticeable results.

Fibers Care

Wall to wall carpet cleaning services are based on varying cleaning techniques. An appropriate method has to be selected depending on the fiber of your carpet. Carpet fibers can either be synthetic or natural. Among, synthetic fiber, nylon is a popular one, primarily because it looks attractive. This will only be so, if you regularly send you carpet for treatment to a professional wall to wall carpet cleaning service.
Polyester is another popular choice and is not resistant to stains. Still, you should get it cleaned once in a while, especially if you have pets in the house. Their urine can cause germs and bacteria to breed in your carpet, exposing your health to risks.
Among the natural fibers, wool and sisal are popular. Wool is durable and resistant to stains, but is associated with a high price tag. As for sisal, it is also durable and offers a resistance to stains.

Cleaning Techniques

Wall to wall carpet cleaning does vary with your carpet style, but the following general procedure can usually be applied.
Your carpet will first be inspected for stains. The quality for its fiber will be determined, and according suitable cleaning agents will be selected.


Before your carpet is washed, the stains are pre-treated and removed. The carpet is immersed in a cleaning solution for some time until the stain disappears. If your carpet has pet stains, it will also have to be disinfected.


Your carpet is washed with high quality detergents and then thoroughly rinsed. For some material types, water is not suitable and in that case, the carpet has to be dry-cleaned. Once the washing is done, the carpet is left for during in state-of-the art drying room.
So if you want your carpet to look new again, get it treated with a quality wall to wall carpet cleaning service.
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by David Elice on Green Rug Brooklyn
Oriental rug repair

They repaired my hand made rug to perfection. it was a bit above my budget, but well worth it.

by Ben.Z on Green Rug Brooklyn
Area rug cleaning

Good service, professional cleaning. Thank you